GLAMAZONDIARIES.COM started as a personal website to provide original content, news coverage and opinion and to serve as a resource for the fashion conscious and beauty-driven.   Occasionally, we receive products from fashion and beauty brands, public relations companies and marketing firms.  We also regularly attend fashion and beauty events; invited to salons and spas; boutiques and restaurants. These products and services are often offered gratis for editorial consideration on GLAMAZONDIARIES.COM.

Gifts, products, press samples and services WILL NEVER, EVER compromise coverage. Products are reviewed for 30 Days before posting.  If we don’t like the experience or product result, the product or service will not receive coverage on the pages of GLAMAZONDIARIES.COMGLAMAZONDIARIES.COM does not guarantee positive reviews or reviews on behalf of any product or company. It is my firm stance that my editorial opinion is mine and mine alone for the purposes of publication on this site.

That’s right, our opinions CANNOT be bought!

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