10 Hostess Gifts for the Wine & Spirits Connoisseur

February 13, 2018

As the thought leader on all things fashion and lifestyle among my friend set, I often get questions about gift ideas for different occasions.  When it comes to gifting a host or hostess, flowers and candles are de rigueur.  In fact, I am a big advocate in never showing up empty handed to a dinner party.  After all, the host/hostess has gone out of their way to put together something fabulous for you to enjoy.  It’s only appropriate that you show appreciation with something nice for their home or addition to the party.  This usually comes in the form of wine or a bottle.

I often choose a gift based on the hobbies and interests of the host/hostess of the party I’m attending.  The only exception is when I’m a the guest of a guest.  In that instance, a nice candle or in-season floral arrangement is usually my go-to.  So what do you gift a person who has a penchant for wine and spirits?  The obvious answer is alcohol! Party hosts really appreciate out-of-the-box gifts and those that are memorable.  For instance, my friend Ashley of Choupette’s Dairy gifted me with a monogrammed cheese board for my birthday garden party last year.  I always think of her when I make a charcuterie board for wine and cheese nights.

If you’re stumped for gift ideas for the party host with a love for wine or cocktails, here are a few gift ideas they’re sure to love.  Go the extra mile and have the gift wrapped or at the very least, concealed in a pretty gift bag with a card attached.

You can never have enough whiskey decanters.  A spirits connoiseur will sure enjoy a gorgeous decanter set, which can be used to house both dark and light spirits.  I love the Nordstrom Linus Decanter Set, which is sleek and would fit into any decor.

I don’t know about you but I hate it when ice cubes dilute my whiskey or tequila, which I normally take neat.  I am a big fan of the Corkcicle Wedge and the Original Ball Whiskey Svere.  Both of these giant, solid ice cubes allow me to enjoy my spirit or even cocktails without them being watered down too quickly.  I can never have enough of these in my freezer, especially when I’m throwing a party.  Both of these are gifts that your hostess will keep using for years to come.

Ditch the cheap stuff and give your host a nice bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue Label.  Sure this is a splurge but it’s a bottle to take to a formal gathering or a high end party.  What I love about this bottle, which I’ve gifted a few times in my life, is that you can engrave it with a monogram or a sweet message for the receiver at the Reserve Bar.

A great gift for a wine or champagne connoisseur are these wine pearls, something I was gifted a year ago.  I love my red wines slightly chilled and my whites and sparkling wines extra cold.  These pearls do just that by keeping my wines from being too warm, especially when I’m watching my customary Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder episodes on Thursday nights.  You just pop them in the freezer to get the metal cold and then drop them in your glass.  You can’t go wrong with a set or two as a gift.

The ice bucket is such an underrated tool in a home bar.  Most people don’t think about getting one until they actually need one.  I have a few styles at home that range in price from $20 to $350.  I love affordable and durable ones like the Mark & Graham Tritan Ice Bucket, which retails for just $35.  It can also be monogrammed for an extra $9.

Veuve Clicquot is my champagne of choice and I certainly do not shy away from Moet et Chandon! Lately though, my boyfriend has been introducing me to other champagne brands and one that I’ve taken a liking to is Ruinart.  Their Blanc de Blanc Brut is warm and rich and made from 100% chardonnay grapes.  It’s an elegant bottle and one that most guests will not be bringing.  This bottle is about $80 but worth the splurge.

A cheaper option for a champagne lover is the Le Creuset Sparkling Wine Stopper, a product I own and have used on the rare occasion where we don’t finish the entire bottle of champagne or prosecco.  It costs about $40 and is an appreciated gift because who wants champagne to go to waste? Not me!

A cocktail connoisseur like my boyfriend geeks out anytime we receive any sort of DIY cocktail kit.  This Craft Your Own Bitters Kit is the perfect gift for a cocktail fanatic.  Living in a mixology-centric city as New York City, we’re privy to trying craft cocktails of some of the most acclaimed mixologists, all of whom make their own bitters. Gift the girl or gal who treats you to unique cocktails this bitters kit for a memorable activity that will sure to delight.

And if all else fails…get a candle set for your host in various scents they can mix and match to craft their own scent at home.  I am a huge fan of Jo Malone and Diptyque for their sets. P.S. your host will be able to use the empty candle jars for other uses around the home.


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