Cleaning Supplies Checklist

August 8, 2016

I’ve been on a cleaning rampage for the past few weeks and it seems like dust collects on everything as soon as I am done cleaning. What is a girl to do?  Keep cleaning!  My landlord finally swapped out our dingy carpet for nice hardwood floors, which meant I had to switch out my household cleaning products.

Since I can’t afford a Dyson Vacuum cleaner and my current vacuum cleaner can’t sweep anything off the hardwood floors – not even on the hardwood floor setting – I decided to get something less advanced but more effective.  Read on for a list of my favorite cleaning supplies. Cleaning Supplies for For dorm room

Clorox Clean–Up Bleach: Extremely versatile cleaning product for every room in the house. I use the Clorox Clean-Up Bleach for toilet, sink and bathtub.  I also love this to remove tough grime on the stove or in the refrigerator.  This product also whitens and disinfects surfaces.

Windex Original (Streak Free Shine): There’s no rock star for windows, mirrors and our glass nesting tables like Windex Original, which effortlessly cleans dirt and clears up glass surfaces without leaving any streaks.  My parents use the heavy duty version with their garden hose to power wash the windows of our house in Virginia.

Pledge Floor Care Clean & Shine Multi-Surface Cleanser: It doesn’t get any better than Pledge Floor Care Clean & Shine Cleanser to eliminate dust and dirt from our hardwood floors as well as the vinyl flooring in our kitchen and the tiles in our bathroom.

Swiffer® Dust & Shine Furniture Polish Cleaner: I use this product to clean my headboard, nightstands, dresser and couch when they get dirty.  It also cleans wood, marble, leather and granite.  It comes in several scents a well.

Cleaning Supply Checklist 2

Swiffer Wet Jet: I have a regular Swiffer Sweeper, which I use with the dry and wet clothes but the Wet Jet is the beast when it comes to mopping all floors in your home.  I use it once a month in my bedroom, bathroom and kitchen.

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Multi-Surface Everyday CleanerI have been using Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day products for years because the cleaners are made made with natural essential oils, are phosphate-free, and never test on animals. The scents are out of this world and I can use it on everything. I usually buy the huge bottle and refill my small bottle.

Clorox Disinfecting Wipes: Clorox is one of my trusted brands, especially during cold and flu season. I use these wipes to clean surfaces that people touch often, including door knobs and handles, refrigerator and oven doors, cabinet handles and toilet seats.


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