Let’s Talk About Socks Baby!

January 13, 2016

There can be times when you find all pairs of socks you own are in the laundry basket and you end up wearing a shabby or mismatched pair to work. Unfortunately, it may be on that particular day your embarrassing secret is revealed, making you wish the floor would just swallow you up. Don’t disregard the importance of wearing well-fitting, properly-cared-for socks!

diamante_1The rise of awareness for the importance of socks has given rise to designer brands’ urge to create socks that flatter every style and even accentuates it at times, take for example VKNagrani Designer Socks for men. The undeniably appealing colors and prints make them worth the money you spend on such designer brands. Here are some tips to ensure that you are immaculately dressed from top to toe.

Socks for all Occasions

  • Daily wear Socks: If your office dress code does not call for wearing a suit daily, you don’t have to adorn uncomfortable stylish socks. Daily wear socks require being aesthetic, comfortable and moisture absorbent. It is safe to go in for shades like gray, navy blue or black as these colors can be worn with your entire wardrobe, though don’t shy away from bolder colors. Especially if you wear colored shirts, you can match them with the color of your socks for a fashionable look. Whether they are thin or thick, the most important thing that matters is they should complement your ensemble well.
  • Formal Socks: Your elegant and dressy socks need to be of comparatively thinner and more delicate material. It is better to go in for basic shades and not try out bold patterns. Ensure they fit like second skin and have excellent quality elastic.
  • Sports and Gym Socks: The finest quality work out socks is also as significant as new generation sneakers. It is foolish to spend a lot purchasing the best brand of sneakers and then spoiling their look by wearing uneasy or low quality socks. Socks with excellent cushioning and support are absolutely necessary for your feet while engaging in strenuous activities. They need to be moisture absorbent and ensure that they do not aggravate your blisters or hot spots. Durability is another factor that needs to be paid attention to. As far as color is concerned, white is the rule.

Fabulous Fabrics for Your Feet

  • Acrylic: This synthetic material has excellent moisture absorbent features and gives a good cushioning effect, ensuring your comfort level is quite high.
  • Cotton: According to American Academy of Pediatric Sports Medicine (AAPSM), cotton fiber absorbs three times the moisture when compared to Acrylic. Delicate cotton yarns are light and offer high level comfort, not to mention first rate moisture absorbency. For instance, socks that consist of Giza cotton are far better than regular cotton as they are durable while being smooth and silky. It would be good to go for a good blend of cotton fabric for socks as cotton by itself may not be long lasting.
  • Wool: Other than just offering the right sort of aeration, wool also protects your feet and soaks up the overload of perspiration. Wool is not only long lasting, but also insulates feet against extreme cold. However the downside of this fabric is there are quite a number of people who have an allergy for this material, making them feel on edge and itchy.
  • Cashmere: Unlike wool produced by sheep, cashmere fibers develop between regular hairs of special goats living in areas with cold winters like Inner Mongolia, Turkey, and China, among others. Socks made of cashmere are luxurious, very soft, and provide real warmth. They are ideal during the winter season.
  • Polyester: Most socks contain a blend of polyester material, and this makes sure your feet breathe properly. It also prevents excessive sweating of your feet.
  • Nylon: This material offers excellent insulation properties and is durable, too.

Whatever material you plan on buying, it would be a good idea to bear in mind the points given below to ensure you buy excellent quality socks in the truest sense of the word:

  • Look for thicker material, as thickness denotes quality and longevity.
  • Pick out socks with seamless stitches to ensure supreme comfort
  • Regardless of whether you are choosing formal or daily wear socks, go in for a good length, somewhere between your shin and just below your knee.
  • A perfect elastic support is absolutely necessary as socks that sag or bunch up ruin your entire appearance.
  • It is recommended to steer clear of large logos on formal socks.
  • The best way to purchase socks is to buy at least a dozen pairs while there are good offers or a sale going on.

Also make sure that you discard all your torn, mismatched, and shabby pairs after you replenish your wardrobe with a wonderful range of the best quality socks available. These suggestions are sure to be of great help while choosing the perfect socks for every occasion. Ensure that you look stylish and chic with matching socks.

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