Q&A: Puro Co. Hand Crafted Soaps and Shave Oils

July 8, 2015

Puro Mint Eucalyptus Soap

Puro Mint Eucalyptus Soap
I’m a big supporter of women in business, especially ones who strive to use the best resources to make their products great. A few years ago, my friend Brandon introduced me to his wife’s soap and scrub collection. We lost touch for a bit until a few months ago, when he reached out to let me know of her new website and new soap collection. Based in Pennsylvania, Puro Co., ran by Krystin Bango, prides itself in creating small batch saps, perfumes and shaving oils with locally sourced and home grown ingredients.  I chatted with the brand’s creator to get the lowdown on body care products that are actually good for your skin.

With all the natural brands out there, why did you decide to start Puro Co.?
I wanted to create a really simple high quality product that provides recognizable ingredients and transparency. Many times, commercial products have the appearance of being natural, using the industry buzzwords, but still contain harmful ingredients.

I hear that! So what makes the ingredients in Puro Co. so special?
I use only plant based oils and essential oils in all my products. All of the base oils are food grade quality when available. I also try to source as many local ingredients as possible including growing many of the herbs myself and creating my own infusions. All of the beeswax and honey I use comes from my own apiary along with another local (organic) beekeeper.

Wow! So you make your own beeswax! I’m very impressed. I love your soaps very much. Aside from using them on your body, can they be used for the face?
Many of them can be used for the face. The ones I usually recommend are Dead Sea Clay and Hemp, Tomato, Tea Tree and Neem, or Tea Tree and Charcoal.

Which soap would you recommend for acne prone skin?
I usually recommend trying one of the Tea Tree ones first. Tea Tree can be very helpful with acne. Tea Tree and Neem is one of my favorites.

Let’s talk oils. I am obsessed with the Lavender Shave Oil. What makes oil shaving better than using the traditional shaving creams?
Thank you – I’m glad you like it! A traditional shaving cream contains many ingredients that are known allergens and irritants. The shave oil contains only about 6 ingredients including oils that are naturally astringent and anti-inflammatory. So it’s not just moisturizing but also calming to the skin and helps reduce irritation.

Nice! Well I’ll keep using it then. What are the top three favorite products in your line?
Clove Shave Oil, and Rosewood Perfume Oil, and Tea Tree and Neem Soap (but Tomato would be a very close second).  The shave oil properties are the same as the lavender shave oil, just with a bit more masculine scent (clove, rosemary, and lavender). I love the scent of Rosewood it has sweet, spicy, earthy scent that is bright and up lifting (and only 4 ingredients). The Tea Tree and Neem soap is really versatile and gentle. I use it as a face and body bar, and also as a shampoo bar.

Shop my favorite products from Puro Co. at www.puroco.com.


Puro Mint Eucalyptus Soap

Puro Mint Eucalyptus Soap

Puro Pink Himilayan Soap

Puro Black Lava Soap


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