Dove Advanced Hair Series Wants You To Love Your Curls with Quench Absolute

January 22, 2015

Dove Advanced Series Quench Absolute Collection

The natural hair movement has had women of color ditching straighteners and relaxer for their gorgeous, kinky, coily curls.  It’s no secret that many African American women were afraid of wearing their natural hair curly due to social stigmas as well as being looked at differently by peers in corporate America. More and more women are learning to love their naturally curly mane thanks to the plethora of websites teaching them how to make curls more manageable.

I’ve been writing about my natural hair journey and one of the biggest motivators for me was getting to know my natural hair and loving it.  I have been whipping up my own hair recipes to keep my hair moisturized and healthy.  The one thing I have learned about maintaining curls is that finding the right products is key. For the past two years, I have loved and loathed hair care products and finally narrowed down brands I now swear by.  This has made me love my curls even more because they seem to do what I need them to do.

Dove launched a new hair care line called Quench Absolute, part of its Advanced Hair Care Series, this week with a touching campaign called “Love Your Curls.” The video features little girls of different ethnicities talking about loathing their hair.  One by one each girl, gorgeous locks of curls and all, talk about wanting straight hair and hating their curly manes.  The video also throws out the statistic that 4 out of 10 girls love their curls.  Ugh! Say it ain’t so.  The video wraps with a call to action.  Which is to have the adults in the little girls’ lives celebrate their own curls for a boost of confidence.


This morning, Dove invited curly haired girls and those who love them to go to the taping of the Today Show at Rockefeller Center.  We held up signs with professing our #CurlPower and showing viewers that we truly love our curls.  The morning show was wrapping up it’s #CurlPower series with special guests showing viewers how to tame curly hair and the products to use whether they were 8 or 88 years old.  Carson Daly stopped by our section to take a selfie with us.

As for the products themselves, I am in love.  I used the Intense Restoration Mask and the Quench Advanced Creme Serum this morning after washing my hair.  I followed my normal wash routine, and allowed my hair to air dry.  The result, soft, manageable curls that are fluffy and devoid of shrinkage.  Check out the entire line at


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