Changing Seasons: Dressing for the Weather

January 15, 2015


The holidays are over and the weather is starting to get a little warmer. While it’s still early to be thinking about ditching your cold weather gear, you don’t need to don your down jackets anymore. Wondering how you can maximize your menswear style while dealing with the fluctuating temperatures? Look no further than these style cues for the changing weather during this shoulder season.

Layering is Your Best Friend

When you’re dealing with a 50 degree temperature shift between day and night, your best option is to layer as much as possible. For casual days, the best thing for guys to do is to look for some staple pieces like a deep v-neck tee shirt than can be worn under a button down without showing. A collection of solid-colored sweaters that can be worn with versatility in a variety of ensembles is an essential for guys during these months. The great thing about layering is that is gives your look a depth with room for nuance. To avoid looking overwrought, you want to ensure that your layers are distinctive in terms of texture but don’t have clashing color palettes or patterns. It’s best to go with solid colors and that complement one another like a set of greys, or natural earth tones like taupe and beige.

The guys over at The Art of Manliness have some tips on the length of your apparel as it relates to your layering, “Your outer hems should be longer than your inner hems. Sure, you’ll see some exceptions here. Twenty-something guys seem oddly fond of untucked shirt tails poking out from under a sweater these days. But it’s not a great look, and you shouldn’t be doing it unless you’re really, really sure you want to. In particular, avoid a sports jacket or blazer that’s longer than the coat over it during cooler months.”

Layering allows you to take off any extra layers when you go inside or if it gets warmer throughout the day. When nighttime rolls around and the weather starts to cool off, you can add a few layers and you’ll be all set to go. It’s the best solution for adjusting your outfit to comfortable all season long.

Kicking Up Your Style Accents

While layering is a look in and of itself. There are still some factors that you can look to for some additional style points. Throughout the winter, it’s easy to throw on your favorite coat for an instantly sharp look that has distinctive character, but in the warmer weather, it’s no longer that simple. When the weather’s getting warmer, you can look to smaller components of your wardrobe for aesthetic details.

Details like VK Nagrani mid-calf socks are a fun way to show some style without overheating. The brand is known for its unique take on men’s socks that some find a little off the wall, but many can’t get enough of. Joe Augustine of luxury men’s retailer Robert Talbott’s talks about the designer’s quirky genius, “All of a sudden, the game changed.  I watched the collection grow, I have offered many insults along with constructive criticism and gosh danngit, he listened.  Vivek, to most, may come across as a total whack job but one would have to realize that you are dealing with someone who just marches to his own drum beat.”

When the day is too warm for details like an extra scarf or gloves, donning a pair of colorful, patterned designer socks is easy and shows your personality. You can pair them with professional attire for the office, or with your casual clothes when you’re out. Either way, creative socks are great for accenting your style in unpredictable weather.

Regardless of where you’re heading in these slushy mid-season days, stick to layering and style accents to look great in the not so great weather.

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