Nourish Snacks Wants You to Eat, Snack and Be Merry

July 7, 2014

The road to fitness is paved with temptation and for me that comes in the form of snacking. I wouldn’t consider myself as having a sweet tooth but I do love salty and savory things. According to nutritionists, ‘grazing’ is a good way of keeping your diet in check.

What is grazing? It’s eating small meals throughout the day to keep your blood sugar leveled to prevent hunger pangs later on in the day. In theory, if you grazed six times a day, you would keep your body nourished, thus preventing you from over indulging on that gigantic cheeseburger, fries, nachos and margarita.

As much as I try to graze gracefully with healthy snacks, I sometimes get lazy and grab the nearest thing. This can mean gorging on Oreos, potato chips, a croissant and my favorite, a French baguette. Nasty habits die hard….

Enter Nourish Snacks, a new subscription based food program that delivers a curated selection of premium, energizing and healthy snacks delivered to you weekly for just $12.50. Founded by nutritionist and registered dietitian Joy Bauer, you might have seen her on the Today Show several times; Nourish Snacks’ mission is to make nutrition education relevant, simple and accessible.

My friend Julia Dzafic of Lemon Stripes introduced me to Nourish Snacks a few weeks back on the press trip with C.Wonder to the Hamptons. Each box comes with five carefully measured snacks that are 200 calories or less and my are they delicious. There’s Cocoa Loco, a puffed quinoa, chia seeds and cacao coated snack that is delicious by itself and even more scrumptious served with low fat or skim milk when that snack attack hits. It’s also my favorite. If you’re craving a good crunch that satisfies your salty palette, King Korn is your guy. These large kernels of Spanish corn are roasted to perfection with a dash of salt. With 4g of protein and 4g of fiber, you’ll get some good nutrition while satiating your hungry tummy. As a lover of all things coconut, Coconuts for You is packed with antioxidants and 3 grams of fiber. At 150 calories, the mix of premium oats, flax and toasted coconut is just the right amount of sweet and crunchy. This ain’t your mama’s granola.

Nut lovers (my co-workers raved about the varieties and unique combinations) will enjoy the mixed flavors. PB Jammin’ is a crunchy take on the PB&J sammie with roasted peanuts and strawberries; Figgin’ Fabulous has figs mixed with pistachios; Cashew Colada is a pleasure trove of coconut, cashews and chewy pineapple; and the cool Monkey Love with banana slivers, roasted peanuts and 72% dark chocolate. There are so many flavor combos that snacking will not only be healthy but delicious as well.

What I love about Nourish Snacks is that each bag satisfies my hunger in between meals, its no-brainer approach to getting enough calories is great and nutrient rich. These are perfect little snackers for summer trips (how often do we all stuff our faces with unhealthy snacks because we’re in ‘vacation mode’?). Consider them for your kids lunch snacks for summer camp or a day at the pool. If you’re looking to trim down your waist this summer, opt for this healthier option instead of empty calories from the vending machine while at work.

It’s also worth noting that Nourish Snacks have no GMOs, harmful preservatives, artificial colors or sweeteners, trans fats or hydrogenated oils or soy protein isolates. I love the individually packaged snacks that come in each box because I know to ration them throughout the week. After all, you don’t want to eat all your snacks in one sitting only to be left with an empty box come Wednesday through Friday.

Head over to and check it out because at $2.50 a bag, it’s a no brainer way to get yourself nutritionally balanced.

{Disclaimer: Sponsored by Nourish Snacks Opinions are my own}

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