Shared Memories Through Music

April 24, 2014

Music has been an integral part of my life since I can remember.  From learning to play the drums as a child growing up in Ghana to learning a few notes on the flute in 4th grade and finally picking the violin as my instrument of choice in the 5th grade through college, music has dominated my life.  I remember recording music from the radio on my cassettes and sharing them with my cousin who lived in Charlottesville. We would bond over Dave Matthews Band, Black Eye Peas and ‘NSYNC.


As a firm believer that every occasion can be enhanced with music, I curate playlists that I share with friends, play at parties or just listen to while on the go.  I have break-up music (what girl doesn’t), classical music that takes me back to high school orchestra concerts, dance music for a night in with the girls, driving music for long road trips in Virginia and a playlist with songs used during the wedding of Kate Middleton and Prince William.  I even have a playlist for songs I hear randomly at parties or on the radio so I can listen later.

Sharing music creates bonds and mutual appreciation for different genres.  With many of my friends moving away from NYC to the South and West Coast, sharing my playlists with them helps us feel closer to each other.  For instance, my friend Jill and I love choreographing dance steps to top 40 hits.  When I discover a new song that hasn’t hit Austin, TX yet, I add it to our playlist and share it with her.

With such an eclectic taste in music, I would love to share one of my Spotify playlists with you.  Listen to it on the comp or on your smartphone while on the go.  Like and follow it so you’ll get my updated lists.

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