LAVAZZA Coffee Grand Tasting

March 31, 2014



A girl cannot survive on blogging alone! For me, I start the day by reaching for my phone to check my social media accounts, but not before making myself a smooth, hot cup of coffee, usually brewed on my Keurig.  So when Lavazza, an Italian coffee brand I recently got introduced to asked me to be a Lavazza Passionista, I jumped at the chance.  After all, I have been hooked on this coffee for weeks.

Lavazza is a leader in premium coffee in Europe and this reputation has followed it to the US.   I have been trying four roasts – Gran Aroma, Classico, Gran Selexione, and Perfectto – for almost a month.  Each has its own characteristic and flavor but the one I most identify with is the Perfectto, an espresso roast that is smooth, flavorful and perfectly balanced to wake me up in the morning.

The coffees are rated in intensity on a scale from 1-5.

  • Gran Aroma – Medium Roast, Smooth and Aromatic, 100% Arabica. Intensive level 3.
  • Classico – Medium Roast, Rich and Full-Bodied. Intensity level 4.
  • Gran Selexione – Dark Roast, Intense and Chocolaty. Intensity level 5.
  • Perfectto – Espresso Roast, Dark and Velvety, 100% Arabica. Intensity level 5.

I used the Perfectto to make Irish coffee on St. Patrick’s Day and have been playing around with making the my own Cappuccino without a milk frother.  Results in the video below.

I really wish you could smell the aroma of each Lavazza drip coffee blend.  It is bold, aromatic and the taste is perfect.  You don’t even need milk, cream of sugar (bonus: you get to save calories).

Disclaimer: I am part of the Lavazza Passionista network and was sent products to review.  All opinions are my own.

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