Long-term fitness comes through fun

February 24, 2014

If you want to get fit and stay fit for the rest of your life – you need to find something you love doing.

Lots of people start out on a new fitness regimen with a punishing regime – often on the 1st of January each year. This usually starts off at a great pace as wholesale lifestyle changes are made at the same time; eating more healthily, giving up drinking and smoking etc.


When people go down this route, they almost always fail. They try to do too much too quickly and take a perfectionist’s attitude to it all. Therefore, as soon as one fitness session is missed or bottle of wine goes down; the whole house of cards collapses and it’s back to square one. We all know people who fall into his trap and it’s usually pretty obvious to anticipate.

The main problem here is the 100% attitude to everything and the complete lack of fun in the task. This can work for a shot time only – it never becomes permanent.

So what’s a girl to do?

Well the first step is to accept that you aren’t perfect. We all have flaws and we all fail at tasks we really want to succeed at. Acceptance is the main part of the solution – being happy with your lot and making the best of it.

The next step is to choose something which you find fun to do and which is also good exercise. This way – it isn’t a chore. Instead, it’s something you get to look forward to. For many people  the answer is tennis. This is  a great sport for all-round fitness and shape – and it’s a fitness that happens incidentally as you play the game for its sheer enjoyment.

A good way to generate an interest in the sport in the first place is to watch as much of it as you can on TV. This stimulates the interest and makes you want to play – and imitating the pros’ play is a great way of learning the game.

If you have a little bet on the tennis that can also be a good way of making yourself be interested even in the most minor games which are on TV. With Betfair, for example, you can both back and lay bets so you can have fun during a match and the more you watch – the more perceptive you generally get. Just do this for the fun only, though, and never bet with more than you really care about. Betfair is ideal for this because it’s an exchange – so there is no bookie involved.

Betfair also has generous introductory offers for new clients, so you should get a bit of a stake for nothing.

Just remember that anything hat helps stimulate your interest in your chosen sort is good – and make sure it’s one you love playing. In this way, the fitness will take care of itself!

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