Aveda Hair & Makeup for Novis AW14 Presentation

February 27, 2014


Aveda created the hair and make up for the Novis AW14 presentation. The head makeup artist explained the look as  natural, beginning with a dual concealer foundation to create an oily, but not dewy, eyelid.

She then mixed in Aveda’s new color, Golden Cyprus on the eyelid to perfect the glossy look. No mascara was used. The models all had lightly contoured cheeks to create a flushed look and for lips, two products were used: Mangosteen lip glaze nourishment and fig color to create a naturally enhanced look.

For hair, they began with Aveda’s Pure Abundance Style Prep that makes fine hair feel relatively thick—an essential for many women desiring a voluminous look.

With a curling iron, they created an effortless curl by  briefly curling an then pulling the strands as the iron was complete. To finish off, a powder potion was puffed into models’ hair and massaged in the scalp to give volume.

She finished with Aveda Control force to maintain the volume. In terms of  styling, two small cornrow braids were connected under a section of hair, creating a very unique natural side poof look.

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