Alon Livné Fall 2014 Collection

February 24, 2014

Alon Livné

The Alon Livné Fall/Winter 2014 collection drew inspiration from George Melford’s silent film, “The Sheik” with themes of early imperialism in Morocco filled with the pursuit of culture and romance.

Livné brought dimension back to the garment, introducing art-nouveau and organic-shell-like shapes. Beautiful details like beaded tassels dripping off silk sleeves as well as Swarovski crystal head pieces perfected an elegant Middle Eastern and Oriental inspired look.

The color palette incorporated shades of rich mauve, amethyst, royal blue and cloud, evoking a meditative state. The designer’s muse was the oldest daughter of international royalty, a combination of intellect and naivete, curiosity and sensuality.

The collection represents the cross-Atlantic journey into unexplored lands, embracing self-discovery into womanhood.

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