How to Travel in Style

January 16, 2014

If you’re like me, you are so over this cold weather and are dreaming of some where warm and tropic to hide out until the winter is over. If you are fortunate enough to be able to take that trip, I have a few looks and tips you should try while traveling. Just because you’re traveling doesn’t mean you need to look sloppy. The key is to be comfortable yet impossibly put together. Check out these ladies who got it right and learn how you can too!

Miranda Kerr

It’s hard not to envy Miranda Kerr’s style on a regular day but she makes traveling look  oh so chic.  To achieve this look, she paired  ultra flattering stripes with slimming black jeans and red pumps. La piece de résistance is the Louis Vuitton Damier Satchel, it’s not only nice to look at but it is a practical size to hold important travel documents and make-up for touch ups.


The beauty, Rosie Huntington Whitley, pairs a chic blue blazer with ashy black jeans and tops it all with a big leopard print scarf. Scarves are always a good piece to wear while traveling, especially a large scarf, because they can double as a light  blanket when the plane gets cold.


Mrs. Fergalicious is exuding fabulousness as she heads to her flight. Though the outfit is very well put together, the comfort factor is still there, with the over sized top and flat sandals.


Bad gal, Rihanna, looks super comfortable in this asymmetrical cardigan and low heeled booties. To avoided having to do her hair, she threw on a cute hat.


Zoe Saldana looks effortlessly chic in neutral layers and red ballet flats. This outfit looks very comfortable yet put together with the pop of color in the ballet flats and the chicness of the aviator shades.

Kerr's fashionable arrival

Here Miranda is again with another look that has our heads turning. The short trench jacket is so effortless and chic with the cinch in the waist and it doesn’t hurt that she is surround by fabulous Louis Vuitton luggage. The take away here kids, is that even if you outfit is fairly basic, you can always throw on a fabulous bag (or two or three) to give the outfit that “Wow” factor.


Ms. Jessica Alba knows just how to make and all back outfit more interesting. She adds a colorful jacket to it et voila, Instant glam.

travel style

Our favorite girl from the Hills, Lauren Conrad, looks super stylish with her Chanel  bag and brown boots. Here’s another starlet that knows that scarves are the ultimate traveling accessary.


Take note from Cameron Diaz, a simple top and fitted pair of jeans can look very chic while traveling.


Well obviously Miranda is always traveling and she always looks fabulous while doing it. She looks so comfortable in the those pajama style trouser but the print is what makes them so out-of-the-bedroom appropriate.

Ready to try to put your own travel ready outfits together? Well check out the items below for assistance.

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