Soccer Star Alex Morgan Dishes on Sports, Beauty, and Romance

January 9, 2014

alex morgan

US soccer star Alex Morgan says she prefers to keep it simple when it comes to beauty.

“I like to stuck with the basics: foundation, a little bronzer and mascara,” the 24-year-old Olympic gold medallist told The Glamazon Diaries in a one-on-one interview Tuesday in Los Angeles.

Typically, Morgan would be joining the rest of the women’s national team at training camp this week, but an ankle injury has kept her off of her feet and off the field.

“I sprained my ankle a couple of months ago, and I actually played on it until I realized I just couldn’t get past a certain point,” Morgan said.

After conducting additional scans, doctors discovered Morgan had a stress reduction which is worse than a bone bruise, but not quite as bad as a fracture, she explained.

“It’s not completely broken, but I’ll still be crutching around for three weeks,” Morgan said.

Despite her ankle woes, Morgan continues to focus on her craft, paying it forward by promoting the Copa Coca-Cola, an international soccer tournament for teens.

“I really want to encourage kids to lead a more active lifestyle and I felt this is a great free opportunity for them to play soccer and have fun,” she said.

The bubbly brunette says she is eager to share her love for the game with everyone she meets.

“Pretty much all of my friends have played soccer at some point,” said Morgan. And this includes her new fianc√© Servando Carrasvo, a midfielder for the Houston Dynamo.

The couple had been dating for years, but Morgan said she was caught completely off-guard by the December proposal.

“I had no idea honestly. He completely surprised me,” Morgan said.

After she accepted, Morgan took to social media to share the special moment with her fans.

“Couldn’t be happier, #LifeisGood,” Morgan tweeted.

Looking onward to 2014, Morgan is keeping our eye on the ball.

“I’m just super excited to get back on the field and start working out,” she said. “I’m very motivated!”

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