How to Refresh Your Closet with Little (Or No) Money

January 21, 2014

This spring is all about bright contrast in color –but, then again, that was the fashion trend last summer, too. That’s great news for the fashionista who may not have the opportunity to spend a lot on her closet for spring. Whether you’re looking to make the most of favorite pieces you already have, or if you’re just honestly trying to set aside some money for a great summer vacation, keep in mind that there is a lot you can do to make your favorite pieces from seasons past fresh and new for this season. You can do it with little or no money, so take a look how.

Orange Lipstick

If you’re looking through your closet and you find a lot of pastels to pull out for   spring, consider taking Vogue’s suggestion by sprucing up with a little orange lipstick.   This adds a little sophistication to an otherwise professional ensemble.


Pops of Black
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While black is generally too wintery for an outfit for spring, this year is all about  high-contrast, and that means contrasting bright colors against black. Whether it’s a pair of black flats to go with your teal skinny jeans, or a black camisole underneath a pastel   chiffon blouse, add black where you can.

Skip to Summer

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Several of Vogue’s fashion trends include skipping to summer: bronze makeup,   self-tanner, and salt-water mixtures to give your hair texture. You can also skip to summer with these great sunglasses. They’ll give you the look of sun-kissed adventure,   and make your wardrobe look fresh.

The Bag

The best accessory to make-or-break your outfit could arguably be the bag.   When you’re looking at all of the handbags that you have, consider the bag that could make the biggest statement with your wardrobe. If you’re wearing a pretty pastel dress,  consider high-contrast and bold color in your bag –maybe an orange bag to match with   your pink pastel dress.

If you’ve already got bold color going on in the outfit for the day –maybe you’re wearing a red tunic with white skinny jeans- consider going with a coordinating bold color in a clutch, such as a royal blue or a bright green. If you’re looking at your handbag selection and you see a lot of “safe” colored bags (like beiges, blacks, or whites), don’t underestimate the power of contrast even still – go for style contrast. If   your bag is dressier, try contrasting it by matching it with a pair of jeans, cute flats, and a   great jacket.

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