An Open Letter To Taylor Kitsch

January 3, 2014

Taylor Kitsch, our beloved star of Friday Night Lights, is back in action in Lone Survivor, a Navy SEAL drama inspired by actual events, directed by his usual co-worker in greatness, Peter Berg. From the previews we’ve seen, it looks amazing and intense. We’re so excited to have you back, Tay!  First question:  is “Tay” a better nickname than “Riggins”?  Contrary to popular belief, Tay may think so, since he’s been trying to drop his Friday Night Lights image for quite some time now. (To which we at GD say: Stop trying to make “Riggins” not happen.)

Last we saw Kitsch he was starring in Battleship, also directed by Berg, which we reviewed here.  And having seen it three times this weekend alone on HBO, we STILL love it, and I’m sure Lone Survivor will once again show the talents of the Berg/Kitsch combo. While we are super pumped to see Tay’s new film, we at GD would like to give him a little unsolicited advice for his future career moves.

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Dear Tay,

First, love you! Second, what’s with all the dramas? Not that we don’t enjoy them because anything you’re in is amaze. However, you are so funny! You are like sooo funny. Just go back and check out your natural charisma and comedic timing from your favorite TV show ever. (Friday Night Lights in case you didn’t catch the reference.)

I would estimate that maybe 20% of actors in Hollywood have what you have going on there. So start doing some comedies please. They don’t have to be romantic (but who am I kidding I’d be the first in line for the IMAX showing of Physics of Love, a romantic comedy starring you as a time traveler who attempts to woo Rachel McAdams in various centuries).

But seriously, you can do manly comedies! Let’s take a look at a couple of success stories. First, James Franco. Remember Tristan & Isolde? Of course you don’t because it was a critical and box office disappointment! They tried to make James Franco into a dramatic action star and it didn’t work.  Then he does Pineapple Express and all of a sudden he’s an A-lister. 

Another man to prove my case: Channing Tatum. Oh we love Channing! He’s box office gold! Just look at 21 Jump StreetMagic Mike and White House Down! Excuse, White House Down? Didn’t that bomb at the box office? Chya it did!  I rest my case.

I’m not saying you should forego doing serious movies that matter (à la Lone Survivor), but maybe throw in a few comedies to show ‘em what you got. So give Seth Rogen and Jay Baruchel a call, mkay? Let’s get you in This is the End Part Deux!


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