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January 3, 2014

neck treatments

If there is just one beauty resolution you adopt this year, it should be incorporating neck and decolletage creams to your beauty regimen.  I know what you’re thinking, that’s more money and yet another step to incorporate into your beauty routine.  You’ve mastered slathering on SPF each day to prevent wrinkles but one of the most neglected body parts is your neck and decolletage area.

How often do you use your anti-aging treatments around your eyes, face and chin, only to stop before venturing south? Neck creams should be essentials in your beauty arsenal because the neck area is even more delicate than the face.  Your age shows more around your neck, even sooner than you might think.  Women in their mid-thirties and above start seeing signs of aging around the neck in the form of rings yet do nothing about it until it’s too late.

Stop turkey neck before it starts in your late 20s to early 30s by incorporating neck treatments into your routine.  There are a lot of them on the market with formulas specifically for the neck area.  One of our favorites is Dr. Sebaugh’s Suprême Night Secret face & neck cream.

Your neck is a muscle so make sure to strengthen and tighten it with neck exercises.

  • Sit straight and rotate your neck first in clockwise and then in anti clockwise direction. Do it 5 times each.
  • Try pronouncing the vowels (A, E, I, O, U) without closing your mouth. Repeat it three times.
  • Rotate your tongue in circular motion without opening your mouth. Do it in both clockwise and anti clockwise direction several times.
  • Put your lower lip over the top lip and hold it for few seconds. Repeat this exercise ten times in a day.

Remember it’s better to start preventative treatment and that prolonged neglect of the neck area will result in lines and wrinkles that will be hard to treat with just creams alone.



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