The Perfect Bridal Headpieces for The Winter Bride

December 1, 2013


When it comes to wedding season, we all think of spring and summer months as the go to dates for romantic weddings but what about autumn and winter? Sure the weather is chillier but that adds to the allure and coziness of a November/December wedding.

You get to wear an amazing coat in the winter – even better if its a real or faux fur number – and your makeup won’t be melting off your face.  Sure you might be a bit chilly taking post wedding photos outside but for the most part you’re going to be inside so you have the option of choosing any style of dress for your big day, whether you choose Vintage Wedding dresses or a modern classic. Don’t forget the Bridal Petticoats

Autumn and winter bride can also accessorize brilliantly with opulent headpieces for their big day.  From feathers to rhinestones and flowers, Bridal headpieces come in exquisite styles that can be as simple or elaborate as you would want it to be.  Think of Carrie Bradshaw’s wedding in the first Sex and the City movie for inspiration.  Whether you want to be fashion forward, keep it simple or extra fancy with a Bridal Tiara, there are a plethora of stores, both online and brick-and-mortar, that sell headpieces specifically for a bride to be.

You don’t have to break the bank to find the perfect headpiece for your big day.  Stay ahead of the trend and check out 2014 Bridal Headpieces on Reliable Wedding Store.  There is a good selection of head pieces under $20 that will complement you winter wedding gown.

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