How To Achieve The Perfect Self Tan At Home

October 2, 2013

As winter creeps in and we bid adieu to the sun, there’s no need to wave goodbye to that sun kissed radiance too. We’ve spoken to the tanning experts at Kissed by Mii and they’ve shared some tips to keep a healthy, natural looking glow all through winter.


Step 1: Preparation

Dry or rough skin is the most common culprit of an uneven tan, so preparation makes all the difference. Keep skin well moisturized and exfoliate thoroughly with an all over exfoliator or a pair of exfoliating gloves before applying tan –  especially important in the drying, colder months.

Step 2: Application

Whether a lotion or mousse, we recommend using a tanning mitt or gloves to avoid any fake tan from getting onto your hands. A tanning mitt will also help in achieving a smooth and even application.

Apply your tan in sections, focusing on one area at a time and checking for even coverage. Leave the face, knees and elbows until last, giving them a light coverage by sweeping any tan remaining on your gloves over these areas. And if you’re a little nervous when it comes to applying tan to your face, a gradual tanning cream is a good option as it allows you to confidently build the color to your desired depth.

Step 3: Developing

We recommend waiting around 15 minutes before getting dressed to allow the tan to dry. Change into dark, loose fitting clothes while you wait for your tan to develop and after 6-8 hours, shower to wash off the guide color and reveal your perfect tan.

Step 4: Aftercare

Moisture daily to keep your tan looking natural and healthy. After about 4 days, exfoliate gently to encourage even fading of the color.

A Professional Job?

If you’d rather leave your winter tan to the professionals, we recommend visiting a spa or salon.  If you are looking to get a professional tan for a special occasion, make sure you try the treatment first to make sure you are happy with the depth of color. Spas and salons throughout the UK offer a variety of tanning services, from spray tanning to manual tanning, for a beautifully bronzed result.

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