Topman’s ‘Next Big Thing’ Collection

September 5, 2013



Topman has released their latest collection called ‘The Next Big Thing’. With a name like that it’s expected that this collection will be bold, creative and appealing towards men. To get these results Topman needed a strategy to ensure they highlighted some of the key trends that will stand out the most. With the support of their most promising future buyers and designers, Topman created an Autumn/Winter collection that may very well pay big dividends.

What are the primary elements of this new collection? Mainly vintage sports and casual wear with a touch of relaxed tailoring. What stands out the most is the blocking technique that is used throughout the collection. Sweatshirts, joggers, and jeans are key features giving the collection depth. Inspired by the 1980s cut and sew, this collection has a soft palette allowing clean lines with a touch of street. Topman uses clean, modern colors to renew the collection and make it current.

Amping up the trends Topman uses its denim collection combining cut & sew techniques with a sports-luxe feel. Pushing aside the simplicity in most of the collection, Topman does focus on sophistication. They have married a clean mix of sophisticated styles with sportswear elements. One detail that caught my eye is the check trend that Topman has carried over into their flannel fabric.  

The beanie lives on with a new shape. This time around they are more fitted refining the street appeal.  But look out as these beanies will be bold and bright. The overall collection makes sportswear more retro and modern more minimal. This is a collection that I look forward to seeing more of. For now we are only able to sample a small part anticipating what’s to come from Top man.

See the teaser at Topman’s website here and other collection available now.


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