Fall Trend To Try: Leather Sleeve Jackets

September 18, 2013

Leather Sleeved Jackets

Leather sleeve jackets and coats are still trending this fall folks.  From Diane von Furstenberg to Burberry and every brand in between, it looks like this trend, which carried over from last fall is still going strong.  What makes these contrast sleeve coats so chic is that they take the seriousness out of coats and jackets and instead infuse an element of cool.

The leather sleeved coats come in different forms – blazers, bomber jackets, wool coats and parkas.  Even long sleeved shirts are getting a touch of leather.  Can’t afford the real thing? Don’t fret, brands like Vince Camuto, Ark and Dollhouse have leather alternatives like PVC on the sleeve.  Add a touch of downtown chic to your wardrobe by opting for these leather contrast sleeve outerwear.  What are you waiting for? Shop the story below and shop more coats at GearWeAre.





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