10 Tips On How to Avoid the Freshman 15

As a college freshman, adjusting to my new lifestyle hasn’t always been easy, but things have gotten easier now that I’ve found my rhythm, I can easily give tips to others going through the same things I am.


  1. Avoid late-night snacks: Snacking can be tempting especially when you’re up late finishing a paper
  2. Be aware of your alcohol intake: You may think a 5-6 beers at a party is no big deal, but don’t forget they come at a calorie cost, about 150 each!
  3. Take advantage of your school’s fitness center: Participate in fitness classes with friends or just hit the treadmill, either way get moving whether it’s between, before, or after classes.
  4. Manage Your Stress: Without a doubt, college is stressful, especially in your first few months of freshman year, so try to relax, whatever that means for you whether it’s taking a walk or vegging out in front of the TV.
  5. 6 Small Meals Daily: Instead of eating 3 large meals, try eating 6 small meals around your schedule to keep you feeling full throughout the day and prevent unhealthy snacking.
  6. Active Living: Walk everywhere possible, choose water over soda and carry it with you everywhere!
  7. Eat Slowly: Eating too quickly can leave you feeling hungry all over again. Savor the food that you have!
  8. Don’t Skip Meals: Never skip one of your six smaller meals, no matter how busy you are. Always carry something small like trail mix or a granola bar with you.
  9. Go Low-Fat: Low fat yogurts, milk, and ice cream will all keep you just as full and taste just as good with less fat.
  10. Avoid Eating Out: I know it can be tempting to eat out with friends especially when living in a new city, but try limiting it to 3-4 times per month.