Jimmy Choo Hi-Tops: Men

August 15, 2013

Jimmy Choo is further pushing itself into the men’s atmosphere by producing its Autumn/Winter collection. The collection is now ready for purchase and just in time for fall. As an expansion from the spring collection, Jimmy Choo has increased style and texture. An intersection where high-end meets street influences, this new collection provides creative options for men on the go.

Jimmy Choo has created a collection of casual shoes branded by category. The Walcott, Barlowe, Marlow, Stanford, Wagner, and Belgravia are a few. We have highlighted some of our favorite styles below as they are certain to be on heavy demand.  

The Walcott

This stylish yet warm shoe is is an All American inpsired hi-top. It’s made from cashmere-wool flannel and a ribbed ankle motiff. I love how the shoes looks like you have cut up your varsity jacket and created shoes out of them. The bold colors pop in just the right places.

These shoes are currently available starting at £595:

Jimmy Choo Walcott 1

 The Barlowe

Jimmy Choo’s Barlowe is a happy medium for casual and formal dressing. In fact it’s “a refined, dressy trainer with a linear flash of pyramid studs around the sole, striking the balance between casual and formal dressing”. Black Viper Print Leather Sneakers allows your look to seem effortless yet classic.

These shoes are currently available starting at £595

 Jimmy Choo Barlowe

The Belgravia

Jimmy Choo has luxed up their men’s shoes witht he Belgravia. Some of the staple pieces in this line includes a  matt crocodile embossed leather in black cherry that’s perfect for fall. The collection also has a yellow neon brush off leather sneakers with stars for those who want to be noticed. Jimmy Choo has created a wide range of shoes in this line of trainers ranging in vintage calf leather to embossed croc.

These shoes are currently available starting at £475

 Jimmy Choo Belgravia


Jimmy Choo Belgravia



See the current Jimmy Choo collection here.

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