Hair Care Detox Tips

August 7, 2013

Much like your skin, the condition of your hair is a reflection of your diet and lifestyle. Many elements such as stress, diet and daily styling routine plays a big part in the look, feel and condition of your hair. If your hair care routine also includes excess styling, blow drying and coloring, and is beginning to look a little tired – your hair may be in desperate need of a detox!


Here are our top hair detox tips to get your hair back to looking its best

Begin your detox by getting rid of all dirt and impurities with a deep cleansing and moisturising shampoo. Remember when you are shampooing to later and rinse your hair twice, and thoroughly work the shampoo in to your scalp before rinsing. Follow with an intense conditioner, key ingredients such as honey and argan oil will help smooth and restore your hair. Be sure to comb your conditioner through evenly and leave for around 1 minute before washing out, and remember add extra continuer to the ends of your hair as these are generally the driest areas.


Your diet plays a huge part in the condition of your hair, and making simple changes will soon reflect in the condition of your hair. Add additional green veg to your diet, along with vitamin C and B to improve your hairs strength, along with plenty of water!

hairmaskStyling Ban

If you style your hair regularly, try avoiding heated styling for 7 days. Leave your hair to dry naturally and step away from the tongs and straighteners, giving your hair a little break from heat. Once your “Heat Free Week” is complete, add heat protection sprays in your styling routine to protect your hair from intense styling heat.

Overnight Treatments and masks

During your week detox, try and squeeze in 3 overnight deep conditioning nightly treatments to restore your hair. Many top brands have a range of overnight treatments catering for all hair types. Comb the treatment thoroughly though your hair, tie in a bun, and get a good night’s sleep – waking up with fabulous restored hair.

Hair Extensions

If you regularly wear hair extensions, removing them for a short period of time will help your hair recover. Whilst you are avoiding wearing your hair extensions, this is the perfect time to also restore your hair extensions. Many specialists such as Pauls Hair World stock a wide range of hair oils and deep conditioning treatments specifically for hair extensions, and even different hair types including European hair.

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