Men’s Swimwear for Under $50

July 11, 2013




Swimwear is a summer essential to pay attention to. With pool parties and beach outings it’s important to find the perfect swimwear that not only compliments your body, but is fashionable as well. For those socially active, wearing the same pair of swim trunks at every event is such a fashion faux pas. 

Swimwear is often the only thing men wear around water, save for a light shirt and accessories.  Finding an assortment of swimwear to wear for every beach or pool party this summer can be dizzying.  But you also must be careful not to break the bank.

Buying trunks can be very expensive with prices ranging form $30 to $250. Thankfully we have come up with some amazing swimwear options you can grab now for under $50. But before shopping here are a few tips for fashionable success.  Swimwear come in various categories. Trunks, briefs, board shorts, square cuts and bikinis are the typical styles to try. Its important that you find the right fit and style to compliment your shape. Bikinis are great for the chiseled beach body while baord shorts are easy no matter the shape.

The main thing you want to keep in mind when purchasing your swimwear is comfort. Also don’t be afraid to wear bold colors, prints, and stripes.  Ideally you should have two to three options to wear and of course the more the better. Happy shopping and let us know what styles you wore to your next beach or pool party this summer.

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