Mariah Carey Blings Her Slings for Concert

July 15, 2013


A little shoulder dislocation doesn’t slow a diva down.  Mariah Carey, who dislocated her shoulder a week ago while filming her new music video was in high spirits last night in Central Park as she belted her signature high notes with the New York Philharmonic.  Any old sling wouldn’t do for this singing powerhouse.  Carey, known for her love of butterflies and diamonds, wore three different statement slings for her performances.

The first was a white crystal studded sling, which she wore with her white bedazzled gown.  Don’t you just dig the matching silver nails?  Carey then changed into a fur sling, yes fur, in the 90-something degree weather for her second appearance.  She then rocked the hell out of a feather sling reminiscent of a costume from Black Swan.  Say what you will be no one can refute the singer’s daring choices to standout.

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