Dressing to Kill the Affordable Way

July 31, 2013

The premise of attending any type of social event that has a strict black tie dress code can be a daunting one for many women. This is especially true if your wardrobe is restricted by a budget or if you’ll be attending on short notice. Gowns can be notoriously hard to find depending on where you live, where you shop, and how much you’re willing to spend. If you ever find yourself in just such a situation, you may wish to explore the option of renting your formal wear. The advantages to doing so are numerous and can help to ease any pre-gala jitters or stress you might be experiencing.


Easy on Your Wallet

Not every woman is willing to drop hundreds or thousands of dollars on a gown that will be used for just one occasion. If you’re planning on attending a black tie affair but are balking at the thought of dropping that kind of cash on a one-use gown, it may be wise to consider renting a dress instead. Renting dresses can cost you less than $100, depending of course on the type of gown you decide to go with. With the money you’re saving by renting your dress, you can treat yourself to new makeup, accessories, or a spa day to help you prepare for the social event.

So Much Selection

Another advantage, should you decide to rent a gown, is that you’ll have a large variety of styles, colors, and silhouettes to choose from. Regardless of whether you want a shorter cocktail dress or a floor-length gown, you’ll likely be able to find one that suits your tastes. Most online dress rental stores will have categories you can browse, which will include dresses meant for events like cocktail parties, dinner parties, birthday celebrations, and nights out with the girls. Most rental stores will even have a section dedicated to attire meant for weddings, complete with dresses for the bridesmaids as well as gowns for the bride. While renting a wedding gown won’t be for every woman, it might be a suitable option if you’re on a tight budget and would rather put the money you’d spend on a wedding dress towards your honeymoon or towards a new home in which to start your marriage in.

It’s Not Just Dresses

Some online rental stores won’t only provide you with the option to rent the perfect gown for the occasion at hand, but will allow you access to rent other related items. In addition to the dress, you can choose to rent designer jewellery. If you really want to make an appearance and money isn’t an object, you might consider renting a necklace, earrings, bracelets, and rings to create an ensemble that goes beyond eye-catching. If the dress you’ve decided to wear would be accentuated with a wrap, you can browse the same online store to see if there’s one you could rent that would be a perfect match.

Brides who are worried about going over budget might also be relieved to know that many bridal accessories can be rented along with the gowns. Veils, belts, and decorative combs can also be rented and can add the perfect touch to your wedding attire.

Regardless of the occasion, renting a dress can be a more affordable, timely, and efficient method of preparing. In some cases, it can even be more convenient than shopping in a brick and mortar store, as you’ll have access to myriad styles and accessories, can rent them all for reasonable prices, and can have them sent as a package straight to your home.

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