Conair Aims to Spring Ahead with New Curling Device

July 2, 2013


The Curl Secret from Infiniti Pro is Conair’s newest so-called “curl-machine”, designed to deliver a head full of uniform curls with ease.  Available in both consumer and professional iterations, the items feature a proprietary brushless motor technology, which draws hair into a heating chamber. There hair is given a “surround sound” blast of heat, without the possibility of snagging.

Curl Secret features a 30-second heat-up, two temperature settings and three timer settings for waves, curls or ringlets, and a tourmaline ceramic technology for shine and flyaway control. The professional version is slightly larger in size, offers a directional curl control and heats up to higher temperatures.

The $99.99 Curl Secret, is slated to hit stores in mid-August, will launch to more than 10,000 U.S. doors. To generate awareness for Curl Secret, Conair will air a 30-minute infomercial in late July, offering the product at a debut price of $149.99. When the tool launches two months later, it will retail for $99.99. Curl Secret will also be shown on July 18, during HSN’s Thursday-night beauty event called Beauty Report.

“For a hundred years it’s been the same way [to curl hair]. This is truly a different method,” said Vito Carlucci, director of engineering for Conair Corp. “With a traditional curling iron, you clip the hair and you roll it. The first turn gets the most heat, the second less because it’s insulated by a layer of hair and then the third even less. This one heats from both the inside and the outside, so you get a nice even, long-lasting ringlet.”

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