What to Wear: Beach Wedding

June 20, 2013

Beach Wedding

Beach Wedding

A Beach wedding is one of the most romantic places to consider getting married. A great view, the sound of the waves, grand floral arrangements, fire torches and anything else to give that tropical elegance is what a beach wedding offers. A beach wedding is a new territory and new rules do apply for the men who are invited.

Even though this may not be as difficult to pick out the proper dress code, it is far easier to make the wrong fashion choice. Its a challenging situation men are placed in but don’t worry we have provided you with some great examples of what to wear. Keep in mind this is still a wedding and not a day out to swim at the beach. Men must remain classy and in keeping with the event.

For a more formal look at a beach wedding, opt for a cotton or linen suit in a light color.  We highly discourage wearing a business suit or tuxedo.  A linen or cotton suit allows the suit to breath and you to feel more comfortable in this setting.

Feel free to pair this suit with a bow tie for the most formal of beach weddings or a standard tie that compliments the suit. Regarding the shirt, pick a cotton shirt that isn’t heavy or stiff to wear. Remember you will be out in the sun, so having a fitted summer shirt may not be the best of choices.  There is no need to wear cuff links as the setting doesn’t call for them. Lastly have a great pair of deck shoes that are comfortable to walk in sand and are strong enough to withstand being abused. Unless the wedding is on a hard surface wearing standard dress shoes might become rather difficult to wear while walking in sand. 

Beach Wedding Groomsmen

As a second alternative to attending a beach wedding, we offer up a more relaxed look from the summer suit and tie option previously outlined. This option allows you to be free of the suit and opt for pants and a buttoned up shirt and tie. Depending on the setting you may disregard the tie and wear an open collard shirt.

Beach Wedding

If you are the type that wants to wear a suit but still remain casual, a great way to pull this look off is by replacing the dress shirt with a polo shirt. If it gets too hot, its very easy to remove the suit coat and still keep in line with the dress code for the beach wedding. Add a comfortable loafer and sunglasses to pull the entire look together.

Beach Wedding

In the absolute most causal of settings will allow guests to wear shorts to the beach wedding. We strongly recommend wearing linen pants at all cost, but if you know wearing shorts will be ok then by all means. We have paired this look with a white short sleeve cotton shirt, sandals and sunglasses. This look should be worn during a day time wedding. For a evening beach wedding changing the shorts to pants would be quite fitting for the occasion.

Items you want to steer away from are tank tops and wearing swim trunks. Yes you are at the beach, but not because you are going swimming. Sticking to these easy rules will set you up for success when you attend the next beach wedding.


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