Sebastien Jondeau for Karl Lagerfeld

June 25, 2013

Sebastien Jondeau for Karl Lagerfeld

Imagine you are a personal assistantfor one of the world’s best fashion brands to date. You work effortlessly day in and day out to help the company produce fascinating collections season after season. Your devotion is unquestionable as you would give your life to the man who is running the helm of the company. Suddenly you are presented the opportunity to be the face of the brand. Yes you, the one no one would ever imagine being seen in the spotlight let alone have time for it.

Well this is the case for bodyguard Sebastien Jondeau who is sworn to protect an Icon – Karl Lagerfeld. Sebastien Jondaeu has worked for Lagerfeld for 14 years and never thought he would be in any advertisement for the Karl Lagerfeld brand.

Being unveiled on July 1st at the Bread & Butter trade fair in Berlin, Sebastien Jondeau will have the chance to wear a more fashionable hat during the advertisement. Being a bodyguard is of course his key duty, but its nice to see such an impressive face for Lagerfeld.

You can visit, their YouTube and Facebook pages for the teaser video that airs today.Sebastien Jondeau for Karl Lagerfeld

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