Prints a Trend at Milan Men’s Fashion Week

June 26, 2013

Prints Vivienne Westwood

Prints Vivienne WestwoodPrints seemed to have taken Milan Men’s Fashion Week over like a swarm of locust. Dsquared2, Gucci, Prada, Tom Ford, Giorgio Armani and many others incorporated effortlessly in a slew of pieces too many to count.

Prints weren’t just subtle compliments. They took over entire looks in some collections and and stood as the focal points for others.

Prints, typically a large presence for women, made its way to menswear.  From shoes, blazers, weekenders, shirts and Bermuda shorts, prints made a very demanding presence at fashion week. It was a refreshing break from solids that can be easily associated with men.

Among the stellar print pairings was Gucci’s mix of mismatched designs that burst onto the runway in the form of jackets, scarps and slacks. Prada took on a more Hawaiian aesthetic with large florals on shirts and hibiscus-emblazoned suitcases.

John Richmond designed what appears to be a tribal face on a jacket/short combination that left me waiting to see if the eyes would ever open.

Vivienne Westwood drew inspiration from India with vivid graphics. Versace hit a home run by doing prints even better than they’ve done in the past.

Regardless of you fashion style or trends you follow, we are certain that spring 2014 is going to be rather exciting. These creative looks can fill in the gap in any wardrobe with  an aesthetic that is innovative. Men need to embrace the print trend, which starts with eliminating the fear of wearing it and instead understanding that it can co-exist with their current wardrobe.

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