NBA Finals Off Court Fashion

June 12, 2013

fashion, San Antonio Spurs Shooting Guard - Danny Green

fashion, San Antonio Spurs Shooting Guard - Danny Green

As a big basketball fan the last thing a person would notice is the fashion that is displayed by the teams on the court. Most of your time is spent on who made a triple-double or an impossible lay-up at a game. However, as a basketball junkie mixed with being fashionably obsessed you can also spot the personality that is being driven off court. In fashion your personality is shown by what you wear before you even have a chance to speak.

fashion, Miami Heat Forward- Lebron James

Yet on a basketball court where the only fashion you find are in the colors of the jersey and the type of shoes a player wears, there is no way to see what a player’s style really is. The sparse chances we get to see what these players are wearing are offered at press conferences and events they attend.  Press conferences in particular have offered up some unique fashion that we adore and question, but when you are making millions I guess you can wear whatever you like.

Fashion- Miami Heat Guard Dwayne Wade

While the NBA Finals are currently running with 3 games behind them and 4 possible games left, some fashionable players on the Miami Heat and San Antonio Spurs teams are spotted as they sit and talk about the NBA Finals to the press and even preparing for the game.

fashion, Miami Heat Head Coach - Erik Spoelstra

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