Karl Lagerfeld Eyewear Video Game Launches

June 20, 2013

karl-eyewear01Karl Lagerfeld is starring in his own video game Je Veux Les Lunettes De Karl, as a quick-paced Tokidoki cartoon taunting players to remove his sunglasses. Developed by the agency Buzzman, the game is part of a month long digital initiative partnership with Optic 2000, Lagerfeld’s French eyewear distributor. It features Lagerfeld’s latest eyewear collection which can be purchased at Optic 2000’s e-commerce boutique.

karl02During the game, you must try to remove a nimble Lagerfeld’s sunglasses while he darts around spewing admonishments at you such as “Ah, you finally woke up.” and when you fail the game all together “Karl has no more time for you.” Only French residents can claim prizes upon winning the game such as free Lagerfeld sunglasses or limited-edition Tokidoki figurines.

Try your luck at the game at jeveuxleslunettesdekarl.com

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