Editor’s Pick: Blushing in M·A·C ‘Fever’

June 17, 2013


I rarely go bold and brash with my makeup.  I’ve been told many times that with dark skin, the sky is the limit when it comes to trying out makeup colors.  That hasn’t been reason enough for me to try anything outside of the browns, bronze, pink and dark green colors.  Save for my lip colors, which I absolutely love wearing. Give me a matte lipstick in a bold red and I’m yours.  After all, I have perfected the five minute makeup routine I can do in the dark.

A few months ago, I decided to revamp my beauty routine by adding a new blush to my makeup collection.  I’ve been a NARS Orgasm fan for a while but I’ve outgrown it.  So I took a trip to the M·A·C boutique inside of Bloomingdale’s in SoHo to pick out a bold color.  The store was pretty busy with no beauty counselors to help me choose so I decided to go for the reddest color I could find among the blushes.  The M·A·C power blush in Fever caught my eye and at $21, I was ready to purchase and try.


M·A·C ‘Fever’ Powder Blush is matte, which means it’s highly pigmented with no shine.  If you have oily skin, this is the perfect blush for you.  Don’t let the redish burgundy color fool you ladies.  This blush is all bark and no bite.  It is one of the most skin tone friendly blushes I’ve used.   Fair skinned, medium skinned or dark skinned, There isn’t a skin tone it doesn’t like.  This is an equal opportunity blusher.

I used my Nordstrom blush brush to pick up just a little bit of pigment onto the brush – go easy on the application and build the color for more drama.  I applied this to the apples of my cheeks for subtle color.  Boom! I was in love.  Two swipes and I was glowing.  The formula is so easy to apply.  It melts like butter into the skin, leaving a nice color on the cheeks.  As for staying power, expect about seven hours of wear from it.  It comes off when you’re ready for it to do so.

Mac Fever Blush Review

Here is M·A·C ‘Fever’ Powder Blush in three different lights.  The first photo is in the bathroom light, the middle photo is in a dark room with iPhone flash and the third is in a well lit room with no flash.


Here is M·A·C ‘Fever’ Powder Blush in natural sunlight.  It is worth noting that if you want less coverage, use your fingers.  A lot of my girlfriends have now bought this color after seeing me wear it on multiple occasions.  It looks amazing on olive skin.  Just a tiny dab is needed to give the appearance of healthy, flushed skin.  For a night out on the town, I add a touch of shimmer on top for a bit more of a glow.  After all, I need to be seen in the dark (dark skinned joke! j/k).

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