Don’t Bother Tweeting @lenadunham If You’re Going To Be Mean

May 9, 2013


Lena Dunham has become an instant star and now a Golden Globe winner since her cult series ‘Girls’ hit HBO last year. She is now a pop culture icon for her work and witty personality. But even celebs with a large following have a following of haters. Lena is not a stranger to brash and harsh jabs from the public and media on her appearance that isn’t typical in Hollywood. And she does not plan to change herself for anyone and is fighting back via twitter.

Yesterday Lena basically tweeted a digital “F*** You!” and that she will block you if you call her fat, sparking mass retweets and positive tweets. And how can you not be on her side? Kudos to Lena for sticking to her guns and blocking (literally) negative energy!

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