Beauty Insight on A Glamazon from My Friend Lisa Bensley

May 9, 2013

29227_396006011540_8108346_n Dial wanted me to interview one of my friends about myself so I went to Lisa Bensley of Beauty by Benz, one of my favorite beauty bloggers and friends. Lisa and I bonded big time over brunch at Harry’s Steak & Cafe in Financial District three years ago when I had a major outfit meltdown over the Junior League Winter Ball. I was new to Manhattan and the dress I had chosen for the occasion was not up to par so we resorted to unlimited mimosas and yummy brunch. Needless to say, I never made it to the ball but solidified a wonderful friendship and started a brunch tradition that ended up bringing together many of my blogging crew.

How long have we been friends? I think it’s been three years now.

What did you first notice about me when we met? First thing I noticed was that you always wore lady-like dresses.

What is my best feature? You have good skin very important to a beauty junkie like myself. It’s good skin for makeup or without.

Is there anything I can improve upon? I would say just play more with makeup. Women don’t PLAY enough with it. What’s the worst that could happen? You could always wash it off, right?

That’s very true can you give me an example? Well I think blush is highly under-rated. It’s probably the most under rated beauty product of all time, so play with more blush colors. Especially since your skin is so smooth. Also play with eye makeup. Don’t be afraid of color (although obviously if you’re doing a bright color on the eye the rest of the face should be more subdued).

You have the good skin so you could do different colors of blush, where some girls only get away with one tone. like some girls can only wear pinks. you could wear pinks, purples, corals.

What is your go to makeup or beauty trick to share with readers? There’s a lot of lavender stuff going on right now in makeup that I think you can rock the hell out of. I love the new NARS lip pencil in lavender. It”s so hot. I think SJP (Sarah Jessica Parker) wore it to the Met Ball but it would look better on you.

Are there any products you are dying to try right now? I literally have tried them all. I have a problem. OK! There is one product I want to try now. It’s Cowshed, now available in the US. They were only available in England or if you were a member of Soho House here you could get them but otherwise, you had to have them shipped from England. Well now they’re HERE and I really want to try their haircare products.

Why? Because they contain no harsh stuff like artificial sulfates or anything like that. All their products are made with essential oils and they all have fun names like Horny Cow or Knackered Cow.

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