5 Things I First Notice About You

May 15, 2013

Kate Sai and Jill

Last week, I asked my friend Lisa Bensley what she noticed about me when we first met (post here).  This week, Dial has asked me give my insight on the things I notice about people I meet.  As they always say, appearance is everything so I’ve come up with the five things I immediately notice about people when I meet them.  (Above: My friends Kate Morandi, Sai Sankoh and Jillian Owens).

1.  Eyes: A person’s eyes says so much about how they’re feeling and what they are thinking. Girls take this a step further with their eye shadow.  I know a girl is into makeup and loves playing with it depending on the colors she has on her eyes.  You know she spends a lot of time on her appearance if she has on false lashes.

2. Smile: I love seeing people smile.  Whether it’s a toothy grin or a demure smirk, a person’s smile can make me love or loathe them in the first 10 seconds of meeting.

3.  Hands: You can tell the level of care a person has for themselves based on their hands.  Whether it’s lotioned or dry, soft or rough. A well manicured hand is everything.  A girl with chipped nail polish looks very disheveled and conveys the attitude that she doesn’t care about how she looks.  A guy with rough nails or ones that appear chewed looks insecure or nervous to me.

4. Hair: I get hair envy when I see a girl with amazing hair.  My friend Jill for a example has the most gorgeous brunette locks with the slightest of waves each night we go out.  You can tell she values her appearance and takes care of her hair.  Others get playful with braids, buns and even color, which tells me that they love spending the extra time to look good.

5. Shoes: I’ve always had an unhealthy obsession with shoes and a person’s shoes can be a conversation starter.  It also tells me whether we have the same taste or not.

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