Short Hair Don’t Care Either: Jennifer Lawrence Debuts Her “Lob” At The GLAAD Awards

April 24, 2013

24th Annual GLAAD Media Awards Presented By Ketel One And Wells Fargo - Backstage


It’s pretty safe to say that Jennifer Lawrence is America’s sweetheart. The anti-Anne Hathaway I guess (again, I still don’t understand why everyone hates Anne). I have yet to hear anything awful said or written about this girl next door. And if anything, we want to hear more about her. It’s been awhile since Jennifer has made an appearance at an event since she tripped her way up the stairs to accept her Oscar trophy. But alas she has returned! And with a new look I might add.

This past Saturday at the GLAAD awards she showed off her new long bob, or “lob” for those of you that love hybrid words. And no one is hatin’. Her side-swept banged, loose shaggy ‘do only adds to her sophistication and sex appeal. It seems like short hair is in among the Hollywood hotties. And a breakup isn’t the motivation (but it could be in Julianne Hough’s case). A bob is fresh and exudes confidence.

How do you feel about a bob? I know some of us depend on our seductive mane, but maybe it’s time for a change. A new look is all you need to feel great and confident. And you only look as good as you feel.


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