Kmart Plays Up The Word “Ship” In Viral Commercial Video

April 16, 2013

We overlook Kmart most of the time, but as of late Kmart has caught a lot of attention with their “Ship My Pants” commercial that has gone viral. The commercial hasn’t been aired on television yet, but has already gotten over 9 million views! The word “ship” is used to play up that not so proper word your mother would wash your mouth with soap for using. With phrases like “I just shipped my pants and it’s very convenient.”, “I just shipped my drawers!” and “I just shipped my bed!” used cleverly by the actors, it’s no wonder why the video is a hit!

Outside of this hilarious video, Kmart has made its point that if you come in and your item is not stock, you can have it shipped to you for free. Who knows? Maybe you’ll need to ship your pants the next time you shop at K-Mart.

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