Marc Jacobs Wears A Skort For Diet Coke Campaign

March 13, 2013


When he’s not busy making pajamas the next wear to work trend, designing collections for his eponymous lines or Louis Vuitton, or starring in a movie, Marc Jacobs makes time for other projects.  Like designing the new Coca-Cola Light and Diet Coke bottles.

The super cute bottles, with Marc Jacobs prints like bow-ties, polka dots and images of ladies having the time of their lives, were unveiled in London, with an accompanying campaign.  Shot by Stéphane Sednaoui, the adorable campaign features Latvian model Ginta Lapina, as well as a skort wearing Marc Jacobs.

‘I was very excited and I still am excited to be working with Diet Coke,’ he told us. ‘I’ve drunk it for so many years and have an average of two cans a day. Diet Coke is an icon and I’ve always worked with icons whether it’s Mickey Mouse or Louis Vuitton,’ says Marc Jacobs to Grazia. ‘It’s part of my culture and the culture of everyone I know.’


The three Marc Jacobs Diet Coke cans are like Pokemon, we gotta get ’em all.

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