Marc Jacobs Makes Acting Debut in New Film “Disconnect”

March 4, 2013

Marc Jacobs

Looks like there’s nothing designer Marc Jacobs can’t do.  The Louis Vuitton creative head stars as a “porn baron” in the movie Disconnect which hits theaters April 12.  The thriller also stars Paula Patton and as Marc explains, his character isn’t so bad.

“In the end, I’m really not a bad character. I’m actually the one who is protecting them in a way. I’ve taken them off the streets, and they don’t get harmed. They’re doing something that is virtual, though they are talking about sex,” Jacobs told Entertainment Weekly. “But you can look at it two ways. Harvey isn’t a pimp, having them meet up like street hookers or giving them drugs. He provided a home for the kids. But it is sleazy.”

Don’t expect some ultra high fashion costumes on Marc in this movie.  He’s as cookie cutter as they come, as he explains to EW.

“When they had the fittings for the movie, when they saw me, my design team was all in hysterics. I had these really tacky suburban disco shirts with crucifixes embroidered on them, and the worst-fitting dad jeans – I never wear jeans anyway – but these were just bad and acid washed with flannel zip jackets sewn to the side,”Jacobs told EW. “And they put big silver rings on my fingers and earrings. So they just couldn’t stop laughing.”

Check out the trailer below:

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