Davines Hair Care Line for Naturally Curly Hair Types

March 25, 2013


I stopped relaxing and processing my hair about three years ago and instead opted to get comfortable with my natural hair.  Though I rarely style it in its naturally curly state, I try my hardest to take care of it, using as little heat as possible on my hair.  I usually get a blowout every once a month or so and in take care of my hair and scalp in between that.  I’ve experimented with so many products, most of which are not compatible with my naturally kinky curls.  My hair story has been all trial and error, with most of the products leaving my hair extra dry, very course and unruly.

Several months ago, I received information on a hair care line called Davines.  The company prides itself on making sustainable hair care products with simple ingredients that take care of almost any problem one might have.  I immediately reached out to their press team for samples.  It’s been over five months and I am still using the products, some of which I’ve ordered again, paying out of pocket.  I use six products from the Davines hair care line, the Love Curl Enhancing Shampoo ($23.50), Love Curl Enhancing Conditioner ($23), Dede Leave-In Conditioner Fluid ($23), Authentic Replenishing Butter ($38.50), Oi/Oil Treatment ($30) and the Energizing Superactive Scalp Treatment ($38).


I wash my hair every Sunday evening.  Sure I can head to the salon to get my hair done but I limit the amount of heat on my hair and I’ve come to love learning about hair care and how to take care of my hair all by myself.  After a hot oil treatment, I wash my hair with the Davines Love Curl Enhancing Shampoo and follow-up with the Love Curl Enhancing Conditioner.  After getting out of the shower, I detangle my curls with the Davines Dede Leave-In Conditioner, which works miracles on my super tight and coily curls.


To keep my curls supple, I use the L.O.C method (liquid, oil, cream or butter).  After my leave-in conditioner, I put a little bit of the Davines Oi/Oil Absolute Beautifying Potion on my hair. This oil has anti-oxidants and protects hair against free radicals.  It also fights frizz – an added bonus when I decide to blowout and straighten my hair.


I then seal in the moisture with the Davines Authentic Replenishing Butterwhich can also be used as a lotion for both face and body.  What I love about this product is that 98% of the ingredients are natural and it also contains organic safflower oil.  There are no parabens, silicones, artificial colours or PEG.


I finish off my taking a little time to give my scalp some R&R with the Davines Energizing Superactive Scalp Treatment, which fights hormone-related hair loss, alopecia and hyper-production of sebum.  When I started using this product, I put a few drops on my scalp every other day for one month, then used it twice a week for two months.

Since using these six Davines products, I’ve been able see my curl pattern, my hair is more supple and moisturized and my scalp is a lot healthier than it used to be.  My hair is also a lot stronger with little breakage and not much hair coming out when I brush or comb it.  I am getting a cut at the end of this month so I can keep growing my natural hair a bit more.  There are a lot more products in their collection for all hair types so make sure to check out www.davines.com.



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