Justin Bieber 2.0: How I Became A Mahomie

March 1, 2013

Last fall while listening to the “Pop Discovery Channel” on SiriusXM satellite radio in a rental car, I came across my newest guilty pleasure:  Austin Mahone.   Within seconds of hearing this cheesy teeny-bopper greatness, I was Shazam’ing “Say Something.”  Austin apparently started out as a YouTube sensation covering songs in his bedroom and a quick Wikipedia search told me he was the “second coming of Justin Bieber” [and this case, Wikipedia was 100% correct].   And just like The Biebs, Austin is a scrawny 16 year old white kid who pretends to be black and has incredibly catchy songs.   I was hooked and instantly became a “Mahomie.”  Yes, that’s what his fans are actually called.

To become a Mahomie yourself, first watch this video then let me walk you through it.

It’s Austin in high school  with earrings and an Austin Mahone “AM” letter jacket.  My favorite Austin move comes around 0:32 with his semi-salute whenever he says “uh oh”.

Then around 1:30, some buck-toothed ginger gets passed a note saying “it’s all going down in the gym after school.”


And if you were smart, you went to the gym after school to be introduced for the first time to Austin with his hat sideways, AMAZING robotic pop and lock dance moves and his backup dancers (who of course are wearing the AM letter jackets also).


If you’re still reading, you’re on your way to becoming a Mahomie and should listen to his first song, “11:11”, which doesn’t have a video but is still good. [Note the hearts in the background of the lyric video].

Recently though, he released “Say You’re Just A Friend” featuring Flo Rida.  Yes, FLO RIDA – which say what you want about him, he’s a legit mainstream artist.

From the beginning, we can tell this isn’t YouTube sensation Austin but instead it’s about to be big-time Austin.    High production value.  Austin has his gold chain and Travon hoodie.  And most importantly, he has at least 5 hat changes by my unofficial count.

My favorite thing though about Austin Mahone I have saved til the end – how he always has his crew of black backup dancers.  Because I wonder what is going through their heads as they are behind Austin and a bunch of screaming tweens.   Watch this live performance of Say Something (which is quite the pièce de résistance) but pay attention to the backup dancers instead of Austin – and try to imagine what they are thinking.  Especially at 2:15 when they start doing flips.  [Side note: pay attention to the previously mentioned salute around 0:30 at “uh oh”].

You heard it heard here on Glamazon Diaries first about Austin Mahone.  He’s opening for a little act called Taylor Swift at several dates this year.  And if you don’t believe me, ask your 14 year old niece.

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