Superhero and Villains iPhone 4 Cases

February 15, 2013


My iPhone has been through the ringer so many times that the internal wiring is now exposed.  Blame the lack of a cool case for it’s near death condition.  Staring at my poor iPhone 4s got me thinking, why don’t I buy a case for you until AT&T will let me buy the iPhone 5 for under $300. I immediately started obsessing over the Heroes and Villains iPhone cases now available at

The cases feature some of my favorite Marvel and DC Comics characters, including Thor, Captain America, Wonder Woman, Wolverine, The Joker, Batman and Superman.  The cases retail for $34.95, a price worth paying if I expect to keep my phone until my contract expires.  Unfortunately, these super keen cases are not available for the iPhone 5 so, uhmm I guess that’s that.

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