A Winter Break with Cafe Escapes

January 18, 2013


Last week, I went to the Eventi Hotel in Chelsea, along with several Glam Media bloggers, to check out Cafe Escapes, a collection of hot beverage flavors used with the Keurig machines.


There are other times when I crave a rich hot chocolate or a decadent Chai latte.  Instead of spending $5 on a cup at a cafe, forgoing the heat and comfort of my home this winter, satisfying my craving for something sweet is as easy as 1-2-3 with the Cafe Escapes K-cups.

The Cafe Escapes Flavors include:

Café Vanilla – NEW!
A tantalizing cup of the world’s favorite flavor.
There’s no such thing as plain vanilla when it comes to this inviting Café Escapes® treat. Delicately sweet, yet surprisingly light — it’s a delicious break that you’ll want to enjoy every day. Available in K-Cup® packs.

Café Caramel – NEW!
Buttery rich. Silky smooth. Captivatingly caramelly.
Make those special “me” moments even more delectable with an enticingly light cup of Café Caramel. Each blissfully buttery sip is a reminder — life really does taste better with caramel on top. Available in K-Cup® packs and Vue® packs.

Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa
Pure milk chocolate creaminess, the way hot cocoa was meant to be
One sip of our velvety rich milk chocolate and you’ll know you’re enjoying a higher order of hot cocoa. Unbelievably creamy, unquestionably indulgent, yet surprisingly light in calories—it’s an ideal treat for moments of indulgent relaxation. Available in K-Cup® packs and Vue® packs.

Dark Chocolate Hot Cocoa
Deeply decadent. Decidedly dark. Definitely delicious.
Dedicated chocolate devotees know the dark stuff is the ultimate in decadent indulgence. Rich and sophisticated, with just the right amount of sweetness—it’s a moment of luxurious escape you can enjoy every day. Available in K-Cup® packs.

Chai Latte
An extraordinary taste of exotic escape.
From the first taste, you’ll know this is no ordinary tea. Cinnamon and spices mingle with a splash of milky sweetness, turning your daily time-out into a relaxing escape to a faraway place of indulgence. Available in K-Cup® packs and Vue® packs.

Café Mocha
A blissful balance of cocoa and coffee.
When chocolate and coffee get together, delicious things happen. Delectably sweet and surprisingly delicate, our Café Mocha is a sophisticated treat that’ll make your “me” time more amazing. Available in K-Cup® packs.

Café Escapes® K-Cup® packs and Vue® packs are available in retail and grocery stores nationwide and retail for f $19.49 per 24-pack or $13.99 per 16-pack.

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