20 Saddlebags We’re Coveting This Spring

January 30, 2013

For those of you prowling for a new handbag: we’ve been recently inspired the classic saddlebag style. More structurally elegant than our tired hobos, but more practical than the envelope-sized clutches also trending at the moment, the new saddlebag is proving to be a very appealing option for both storage and style.

In addition to timeless, well-bred look, this bag has a utilitarian appeal, thanks to a cross-body strap – ideal for those who gallop through hectic days.

We love Dooney & Bourke’s traditionalist take: made in the USA and hand-buffed, it feels like it’s worth double the price at $365. For those on a budget, The Sak Toppanga Saddlebag is a dream, in a lovely yellow with a slit pocket at the back, a pocket under the flap and the zipper pocket inside.

This saddle style may just be the much-needed antidote for those seemingly inescapable Marc by Marc bags.

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