Robert Verdi’s 2012 Holiday Gift Guide

December 10, 2012

Lauren Merkin Clutch

So many friends, so many gifts and so little time to shop for them during the holidays.  With Christmas a hop and a skip away, finding the perfect gift for the girls in my life can sometimes be stressful, which is why stylist Robert Verdi came to my rescue with some lovely gift ideas. Hosted in his lavish loft in Chelsea, Mr. Verdi’s Holiday Gift Guide Tweet-Up earlier this month was much needed for all the fashion editors who were lucky enough to be invited.  Mr. Verdi’s well curated gift list will serve as a guide for your holiday gifting.  So without further adieu, here is Mr. Verdi’s list.

SPOIL YOURSELF:  Any gift giving maven needs a stylish tote to carry all the splendid presents you’ll be placing under the holiday tree to dazzle.  For this task, Mr. Verdi suggests an LL Zip-Top Hunter’s Tote Bag ($29) which can be monogrammed and gifted to your secret Santa.  It’s a lovely gift that will be used all year round.  Speaking of personalized, make guests feel more special with personalized or customized cookies from Brooklyn’s Tasty Morsels Bakery.  If you are into social media, why not personalize each cookie with a Custom Twitter Handle of each guest?

HTC Windows 8X

BLOGGING BUDDIES: Because of my addiction to social media I am attached to my phone like moss on a tree.  Most of my friends are too, and one in particular has a phone so busted that even she is embarassed to whip it out in public.  For her, Mr. Verdi suggests the HTC Windows Touch Screen Phone 8x ($199 on AT&T or Verizon).  This phone feels amazing in the hands and has a very wide screen to capture an entire runway show.

For the Twitter happy gal or guy, taking pics is a cinch because the phone automatically adjusts and takes the photo without having to press another button.  It also syncs with Facebook to allow you to stay in contact with friends, family and followers.  Those obsessed with Spotify will be amazed by the incredible sound quality thanks to the incorporation of Beats by Dr. Dre.


DO-IT-ALL MOMS: Show mom some love by giving her the gift of rest and relaxation. Pampering is the key word when looking for a gift for mom this year.  Mr. Verdi suggests Tea Forte Skin-Smart Event Box  ($48) on a Tea Forte Ceramic Tea Tray ($6),  The Liar, The Bitch & The Wardrobe by Allie Kingsley ($15.00), Shower Sensations Kit from P&G ($9.99) all neatly housed in the ultra chic Rugby Stripe Bin from the Container Store ($14.99).

Tea Forte

Note: Mom is not getting the tea because I already popped that open and had a few sips in my custom Glamazon Diaries mug from Sutter’s Mill.

DEAR OL’ DAD: A well-groomed dad is a happy dad and Mr. Verdi knows how to keep him happy.  He suggests gifting dad with grooming tools including the  Gillette Fusion ProGlider Styler ($20) with Duracell Ultra Power Batteries ($2.99) and a nail kit packed neatly and in a manly way in a 15″ Steel Gadget Tool box from Stack-On (I already know my mom is going to snatch the tool box from my dad to put in her car).


21st CENTURY TWEEN: My 16-year old cousin Rachel is visit from Ghana and has enough gadgets to power-up a small classroom.  With her iPad, MacBook and Samsung Galaxy Note III in tow, a conversation with her is like talking to a wall.  To keep her happy and even more connected, Mr. Verdi suggests Zinken Headphones with Turncable and Zoundplug from Urbanears ($155) which allows two people to listen to the same music.  Now I can hang with her and listen to what she’s listening to at the same time.  He also suggests going hands-free with a Bluetooth Silicone Keyboard from Brookstone ($59).  Both gadgets come in a multitude of colors so you can gift both boys and girls.
FURRY FRIENDS: My roommate’s dog Bandit already devoured the Iams ProActive Health Food for Cats and Dogs  suggested by Mr. Verdi. Fido deserves a new toy for Christmas so a cute little rope that he can play with while you’re out is a must.  Wouldn’t you rather have him chew on a rope than your favorite Louboutin pumps? Keep your dog warm and dry this winter with a colorful doggie rain trench from FabDog Rain Apparel ($32).
HIP HOSTESS: My friend Erica throws an amazing holiday brunch each December with a lavish spread of Southern fare as well as intricate cocktails and deserts.  For her, Robert suggests making her entertaining easier and even more chic with  Thomas Paul Printed Hand Towels ($52), and a Droplet Soap Pump from Umbra ($15) filled with Dawn Dish Soap ($4.99).  Now if only I can get out of cleaning duty.

THE GLAM PAL: We all have that one ultra glamorous girlfriend who seems to have everything and need nothing. For her, Mr. Verdi suggests making a very posh gift bag for her starting with the Lauren Merkin Eve Glitter Clutch ($180) filled with CoverGirl Blast flipstick Lip Duo ($8.49), CoverGirl Clump Crusher by LashBlast Mascara ($6.99), CoverGirl Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Gloss ($5.49), Crest 3D 2-Hour Express Whitestrips ($54.99), Oral B Glide 3D White Floss Picks ($3.49), and Tide-To-Go Pens ($2.99-8.99).  Chic and creative no?

THE GADGET GURU:  My little brother comes to mind when Mr. Verdi suggested gifting the Perry Go Watch by Rumba Time ($50).  Not only does it tell time, ensuring he will always be on time, it is also powered by VITA, which connects to your VISA card account, so you can pay for items without carrying your wallet.  This watch is also perfect for those who get a bit sloshed at the bar and end up losing their wallets at the end of the night.

OH SO LOVELY IN-LAWS: Be the perfect little house guest while visiting your in-laws by bringing a few things for the house.  Mr. Verdi suggests putting a little gift bag of cleaning products in a beautiful Rope Handled Canvas Tote from Jessica Kagan Cushman ($95). Inside it, fill with a Swiffer WetJet ($21.99), Cascade Complete Dishwashing Pacs ($10.95), Bounty Paper Towel Picker Uppers ($4), Puffs Ultra Soft & Strong Facial Tissue ($3.50,) the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Original ($1.75) and Tide Pods.

THE BUSY BOSS: Don’t leave your boss out of the gift giving equation this season.  After all, getting that Christmas bonus is nothing to be laughed about.  Mr. Verdi suggests giving your boss a Parker Pearl Urban Premium Pen with Parker 5th Technology ($350) and a Moleskin Daily Diary/Planner ($21.95), presented in a sleek Large Lacquered Rectangular  Box from The Container Store ($17.99).
THE JETSETTER:  I have a few friends who travel constantly, for these jetsetters, Mr. Verdi suggests keeping them looking stylish while traveling The “Lizzie” Aviator Sunglasses from Robert Verdi for HSN ($29.90) along with the Rise & Hang Portable Shelving System Duffel Bag ($125).  The duffel bag has compartments that look like shelves so you can pack all your things neatly and then hang in your hotel closet when you get to your destination.  It even has a compartment to put dirty clothes.  Now how ingenious is that? To make going through airport security easier, he also suggested the Hickies Elastic Lacing System for Shoes (14 Unit Pack ,$19.99), which turns any pair of lace-up shoes into instant slip-ons.
THE FIT n’ FUN FAMILY: Finally to stay in shape for the new year, Mr. Verdi suggests a gift the entire family can enjoy.  Microsoft X-Box Game System, Plus Kinect ($299) will keep the family entertained with hundreds of games, including Dance Central 3 ($49) which will take your dance moves to the next level.  An added benefit is the fact that you burn lots of calories while having fun.

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