Mercy! Mercy! Hangover Prevention That Is Easy to Stomach

December 4, 2012

After an aggressive night of drinking, I normally swear off any form of alcohol, that is after I curse myself out for not taking it easy.  Instead of curling in the fetus position the next day while guzzling enough water and Gatorade to quench the thirst of the New England Patriots team, I’ve found a preventative method that I’ve been raving about all weekend long.  It’s a new 65 calorie drink called Mercy, which has antioxidants and vitamins to stave off hangovers. It’s got glutathione, a powerful antioxidant that is harder to replenish once toxins from the alcohol hit your system.

So how does this magic potion work? You drink a can for every 3 to 5 drinks after your last alcoholic beverage – tastes really yummy. I love the citrus flavor.  When you get back, drink another can and go to bed.  You’ll feel smashing the next morning, ready for brunch with the girls.  Now I’m not saying you should go out binging but for those times you feel like letting lose, say a bestie’s 30th birthday bash, Mercy will definitely have to be on your drink menu.  Head to to check out the science behind this long awaited product.  Mercy is going to be my saving grace this holiday season with all the parties on my calendar.

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