China Glaze Tranzitions Nail Polish Collection

December 26, 2012


Take your DIY nail art to the next level in January with the new Chinal Glaze Tranzitions Nail Polish collection.  Available in six shades, each color goes on smoothly and changes into another shade with the swipe of the accompanying clear top coat.  I know what you’re thinking, “how is that possible?”  Don’t ask how it’s done, just try it and be amazed.  There are endless possibilities with this collection and I love that you basically get two shades in one bottle.  You can use a stencil to give your manicure a cool new look or try it free hand with shapes, french tips or two sided colors.

The Shades
Included in the Tranzitions collection are six shades, aptly named for their dreamy transitions. Each shade has a subtle transition that opens up infinite options as to how you polish your nails. The collection features:

  • Altered Reality – Teal blue shifts to turquoise
  • Duplicityy – Mint green shifts to vibrant teal
  • Metallic Metamorphosis – Silvery grey shifts to bluish-charcoal grey
  • Modify Me – Periwinkle blue shifts to indigo blue
  • Shape Shifter – Smokey violet shifts to dark purple
  • Split Perso-NAIL-ity – Dusty pink shifts to fuchsia

The colors are gorgeous aren’t they? I love that there is a green in this collection for the 2013 Pantone color of the year.


How It Works
To get the Tranzitions nail lacquer to do their thing, simply follow the easy instructions:
Step 1: Apply a base coat of nail lacquer.
Step 2: Apply two coats of China Glaze Tranzitions lacquer shade of choice. Let dry completely.
Step 3: Apply a coat of clear top coat and watch the color change.


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